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"SOPHY increases productivity radically!"

with business process templates.

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We recognize the challenge that constant change presents to modern businesses. So we’ve developed SOPHY to make it as easy as possible to align and coordinate team members around structured workflows in organizations of any size. 

Our uncluttered, simple software gives your team the power to collaborate on tasks and processes efficiently and productively.

Make complex workflows routine with templates

SOPHY’s workflow templates do more than assist you in structuring your business processes.

We also give you the ability to fully customize templates, allowing you to create and save effective workflows, enhancing future productivity.

Workflow solutions for businesses of any size

SOPHY delivers, whether you’re an established company migrating your processes onto digital platforms or a startup that needs to remain agile, improve efficiency and deliver solutions to your clients on time and on budget. 

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Oliver Knoblauch, founder of SOPHY
Oliver Knoblauch
Founder of SOPHY

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