Onboarding becomes more and more important nowadays. Mostly because companies are struggling with higher fluctuations of employees. But many companies still don’t have solid processes in place. This is why they lose money and potential without even noticing. 

Employee onboarding is more than putting showing him the new workplace. In order ro achieve a good foundation for the relationship between the new employee and the company, there has to be a structured process. Because improving employee retention is an important factor when it comes to make best use of previous recruiting costs and avoid new costs due to leaving employees. 

A recent study has shown the positive effects of proper onboarding regarding perceived organizational support, organization commitment, and job satisfaction[1].

Onboarding can also be seen as the enlargement of recruiting. Just have a look at the efforts that are put into the search and selection of proper new hires. When finally a candidate has been found and hired a structured onboarding will assure that the new employee will have a strong and positive relation to the company and is less likely to quit within the first year.

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