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Even big companies still lack of having a solid offboarding structure. Either there are not having any process at all, or they have obsolete sheets or Excel-files in case an employee leaves.

But the risks in the offboarding of employees should not be underestimated. Not just the loss of experience and knowledge due to an unstructured process is a problem. But also if a former employee still has equipment or access to data bases is a serious security risk to the company. Especially in times of digital network with focus on work – like Glassdoor – the reputation influenced by leaving employees are getting more and more important [1]

This is why the relationship between a company and a former employee can still have an impact on the reputation and employer branding. Using a structured and smooth offboarding will pave the way to a positive relationship. This is not only important for building a strong employer branding. It also can save you a lot of recruiting cost, if the former employee comes back to the company to a suitable occasion. 

Taking all these aspects into account, offboarding is a strong tool to save costs and avoid security risks. It just needs the right program to quickly implement it into your business.

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SOPHY is a software designed for integrating secure processes into your company. With the high usability because of a clear interface, the setup can be done easily by anyone.

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