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Even large companies can let the ball drop when it comes to structured offboarding.

Either they don’t have processes in place at all or they use archaic systems like Excel spreadsheets to manage employee turnover.

This can come at great risk to these companies. Not only do they have to carry the cost of replacing the employee, but they will also need to cover the cost of any equipment the employee takes with them. Furthermore, if their access levels are not managed appropriately this can create serious security vulnerabilities.

Last but not least, a disorganized offboarding process can damage the relationship between the departing employee and the company, which can have consequences for the employer’s reputation and brand identity.

Putting structured offboarding process in place is the best way to manage the risk and potential friction associated with departing employees. And SOPHY is the ideal to put employee offboarding structures in place.

Our easy-to-use software allows you to manage the process of offboarding an employee by breaking this into tasks that can be allocated to the employee and their colleagues. You can also track assets during this process with our powerful asset management tool, which integrates seamlessly with task lists.

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