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5 ways for perfect offboarding management in your company - and why it is important

Whether you are an HR-Manager or CEO, it is essential that you understand the strong need for a solid offboarding system. In fact a brilliant offboarding structure will ensure that you avoid much in the way of unnecessary expenses. In addition you will also maintain proper safety standards in the process of parting friendlily with employees, and ensure a sustainable standard.

While most companies today recognize the importance of onboarding, few actually recognize the equal (if not more necessary) process of offboarding. According to an Aberdeen study few as 29% of organizations actually employ an offboarding system. But ignoring the offboarding process can be fatal to your organization and employees. Undoubtedly a departing former employee can cause severe issues for your business with the power, they still hold over it.


Improve productivity and save money with our process, employee turnover and asset management software.

1. The Power which Exiting Employees Hold – 70% of Former Employees will Exit with Access to Databases and Equipment


An employee on the way out of your company possesses much knowledge about your company and its intellectual properties. Not only in regard of experience but also knowledge related to the relevant industry. Moreover, they also enjoy free reign to share their opinions and information about your company and its members. As long as nothing like an NDA was agreed upon during their departure. 

Such an individual either acts as supporter or critic of their former place of employment. But as a leader within your business, it is easy to team up with a great USP which combines asset and equipment management with pre-made checklists. 

Firstly such a straightforward system saves you and your partners much money and time. Additionally it provides a professional yet simple utility for all company members. Lastly with such a checklist in hand, you can now easily tick through just what exactly needs to be returned and maintained in terms of what the leaving employee will still have access to. You certainly will be amazed at how simply you can cover your company and its assets. 

There is no room for error left when all of the essential processes within offboarding can be effectively cleared.

2. Avoiding Unpredictable Risks for Budget and Security


It is essential for your company to completely understand what offboarding is aimed towards. It obviously goes beyond the mere returning of things such as a computers, keys, or access cards. In fact offboarding must be properly employed for keeping a positive relationship with your former employee, in order to ensure that they remain an ally to your business. 

70% of Former Employees will Exit with Access to Databases and Equipment

Many company CEOs are under the impression that a departing employee will not be a threat to them and their business. They trust whatever negativity they hold will not be expressed. Neither in a harmful nor far-reaching manner. But we all know that anyone with an internet connection has various platforms to voice their opinions to the world. For example with social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter, messaging boards such as Reddit, and business-oriented websites like LinkedIn. Because of this, unstandardized processes can hurt your business. It is very important that you work with your team and a solid offboarding service towards systemizing the offboarding process to avoid hurting or spurning anyone. This system can easily establish clear processes which can be applied in all aspects of your company. So you can ensure that no processes or tasks ever get lost in the offboarding.

3. Ensure a Sustainable Level of Control Easily


Of course, there is no guaranteed way to prevent people from posting their complaints or harmful opinions. But the chances of someone going on a highly publicized rant is far less likely to occur when you maintain a competent offboarding system. I have found that saying goodbye to an employee in an unfriendly way has cost my company in the future. Especially when they decided to get back at me and my team for something, they thought was unfair. 

This kind of issue can arise on a daily basis. It is the product of an unorganized business practice, one which needs to flow smoothly and effectively on a day-to-day basis. You may find yourself wondering: How can you run your business without a hitch? How can you make it through the week without drama such as that mentioned above? 

It is easily attainable as long as you have a smooth transitional effort put into the offboarding process. You will be amazed when your company starts running like clockwork, even on the employee side.

4. The Smooth Way of Offboarding

You will obviously not be able to predict just how a person’s career will progress following their departure from a company. Will they become your client or a competitor? I have often been surprised to find that people who I once worked with are now part of competitor companies. Regardless, it is essential that a leaving employee departs with a dignified and favorable consideration for you.

Leaving Employees must be called ‘alumni’, rather than ‘ex-employees’

Such a process can be easily begun by keeping in mind one of the most basic moral guidelines: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The entire process of dismissing your employee must be done in a compassionate way. This mentioned you must call them ‘alumni’, rather than ‘ex-employees’. 

The term alumni, has positive connotations. It describes a person who is proud to have been a part of your institution or organization, rather than the dull division which so many people hold following their exiting of your company. Calling someone an ‘ex-employee’ suggests that there is no bond left between you. It emphasizes not only that you are their former leader, but also that the earlier relationship has ended completely.


Someone who enjoys a proud and happy separation from their former place of employment will become a supporter of your company’s good name. The power of their voice and opinions within professional and social forums will contribute towards building up your company reputation, rather than breaking it down. This is exactly what an offboarding service like SOPHY maintains in its philosophy – the humane and intelligent catering to leaving employees towards maintaining fruitful relationships with alumni.  


5. Maintaining Order within the Company Atmosphere


The process of employees exiting the company can cause ripple effects which reach other current employees. It is important that your entire team is properly briefed before and after an employee leaves, creating a successfully guiding structure.

Protocols are essential towards combining knowledge and projects without a hitch. Your employees must be briefed in an honest and open manner.  With this you can end the fears which unfortunately occur as a result of an employee departing a company, or in the case of layoffs.

Leaving employees can have their experience of departing impacted by the most seemingly harmless details. For this reason, it is essential that you establish and maintain a carefully organized and company-wide structure for offboarding. Specifically with the installment of a thorough and accessible pre-made checklist system. You can clear details such as the movement of health care insurance, the setting up of a relevant exit interview, and the proper handing over of intellectual and physical property perfectly with a pre-made checklist system.


What can you, as a leader do, to better handle your offboarding process? Here is our helping hand.


Using a system like SOPHY will ensure that your offboarding process always runs smoothly, and that it is an agreeable experience for everyone involved. Checklists are provided in real-time, which will cut the rate of failures. No matter how spread out your company is. Furthermore you can maintain your assets in a way that can be easily shared with the right people. Basically, you can enjoy all of your tasks in a single list. This can be edited in the most straightforward way needed to properly manage day-to-day objectives. As you can see, there are many processes which require considerable attention and detailed maintenance within the offboarding. This is an essential procedure, which must be established within any business. With this you can avoid a range of potentially destructive information leaks and criticisms. SOPHY gives you the certainty that this could never happen to you.

Unlimited checklists. Unlimited user. Unlimited assets.
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