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Business Development Team Management With Workflow Software

Customer acquisition is a vital activity for any business.

Which means most business have one or more staff members or contractors assigned to the task of soliciting or intercepting new business opportunities.

These activities of these business development personnel can have two very different effects on your business.

They can either massively benefit your company by building a sales pipeline, converting interested prospects into clients and thereby generating growth in your client base and revenue.

Or they can suppress growth if they are unmotivated, ill-suited to the position or unclear on how to get the results you are expecting from them.

Why business team management is important

The person responsible for ensuring that your business development team’s activities grow your company, rather than simply consume resources, is you, their manager.

As a business development team manager, it is essential that your business development personnel or team:

  • Know what their core responsibilities are, for example whether they are expected to generate their own leads or only field inbound enquiries from potential clients.
  • Have a clear set of realistic business development goals and targets to work towards
  • Understand the established processes required to turn prospects into customers.
  • Know who their direct manager is, and who to turn to with problems or questions about their business development activities.
  • Are provided with any training required to equip them to perform their duties effectively.

Many businesses do not have structures in place to ensure their sales personnel have all the information, training and support required to perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

This can be particularly risky, because unless you’re prepared to shell out top dollar for a ‘super salesman’ with an established track record, you’re highly likely to hire relatively young and inexperienced individuals as your first line sales representatives.

Inexperienced young salespeople are particularly vulnerable to underperforming unless clear structures are in place to identify their business development goals and how to reach them.

Establishing structures for effective business development

The first step towards ensuring that your business development activities deliver the results you expect is to clearly establish what you expect from your business development team.

Answering some basic questions about your own expectations sets the structuring of effective business development management systems in motion. Ask yourself:

  • What do you expect your business development personnel to do?
  • What targets do you want to set for lead generation and conversions?
  • Are these targets realistic or achievable, or unrealistic and demotivating?
  • What processes should team members follow to give themselves the best probability of making sales?
  • What, if any training material or opportunities, can you offer them to make their goals more achievable?
  • Finally, how will you manage your business development team to ensure they have the information they need to perform their duties but won’t disrupt your own workflow with a steady string of questions and emails?

Why workflow management software makes a difference

If you’re not already using workflow management software in your company, introducing it into your business development team management processes is a good place to start.

This software allows you to organize and record your thoughts around business processes, turn them into discrete, repeatable sets of tasks and then assign these tasks to team members.

Typically, the process of managing these tasks is then automated.

Which means team members will receive notifications about changes to their tasks or impending deadlines, while you’ll get updates when they respond to tasks or complete them.

This has the benefit of making any process more collaborative, establishing clear accountability, and most importantly turning the journey to a completed sale into a linear series of practical steps.

Application of workflow management systems to business development team management can include:

  • Setting up task lists for onboarding or offboarding sales personnel.
  • Creating repeatable task lists to clearly define sales workflows, so your sales personnel can systematically and efficiently work through the steps required to generate a sale, while you can easily check in on the progress of any individual lead in the pipeline.
  • Creating systematic processes for onboarding and handing over new clients.
  • Centralizing communication around sales processes and individual tasks, and receiving notifications of changes to processes or tasks, as well as communication from team members in real time.

Setting up even basic automated workflows for your business development team management can massively improve your team’s efficiency and productivity, create clear structures to guide their activities and create a more collaborative working environment.

Bringing it all together

It’s clear that structuring and automating business development team management can have multiple benefits for your business.

However, finding the correct software solution to help you to do so can be a major undertaking.

Introducing new software systems typically means a steep learning curve for you, followed by the same for any employee that you bring onboard these systems.

Furthermore, workflow management software can be expensive and bloated with features you’ll never come to grips with, let alone use.

Which is where SOPHY comes into the picture

SOPHY was designed with usability and affordability as its core values.

Once you have set up your account, you can hit the ground running. Our task management interface is uncluttered and incredibly easy to use.

Invite your team to the app, create task lists, assign team members and deadlines to individual tasks and SOPHY does the rest.

We’ll even spare you the hassle of onboarding your new team onto the app. Once a user is added to SOPHY, they can be managed by email.

SOPHY will ensure that your business development team are reminded of tasks that are due by email, and once a task is completed a team member can mark the task as done from their email.


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SOPHY also offers the following benefits:

  • With SOPHY you can use all essential app features, including our asset management tool. Unlimited team sizes, task lists and tasks come standard.
  • No downloads are required – the latest version of our cloud-based software is available from any connected device at any time.
  • You can save effective processes as templates, and re-use them or customize them in future, ensuring your best ideas and processes are saved and you never have to re-invent the wheel.

Start structuring your business development management processes today.

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