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asset tracking with SOPHy

What asset tracking is, and why you should be doing it

Whether you’re selling pizza out of a fast food truck or running an IT business, there’s one thing you can be certain of – your company owns assets. … Read More

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7 Key statistics about employee turnover (infographic)

The carousel of coming and going employees is spinning faster than ever. But how to benchmark your own statistics? Here are some key statistics to evaluate your employee turnover rate.  7 employee turnover facts 51% of employees considering a new … Read More

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Sophy software on laptop

IT onboarding checklists, processes & best practises

IT onboarding of new employees onto your IT infrastructure is vital in the onboarding process. Use this best practices to do it effectively with checklists. … Read More

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Sophy asset management screenshot

How to upload all of your companies assets to your team with one click

Upload all your assets with ease Because in SOPHY you have the opportunity to upload all your assets with one click to your team. And that is how it works: 1. Click on “assets” in the menu 2. Click the bulk upload … Read More

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Desktop computer on a desk.

5 things you should look for in onboarding software

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to invest in structured onboarding and offboarding processes in your company. There’s just one snag. … Read More

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Startup Onboarding

Employee onboarding for startups – processes & best practices

Most startups are focused on delivering and marketing their products or services, and will rarely employee full time HR personnel while finding their feet. … Read More

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A full coffe cup with on a wooden table.

Onboarding best practice

A structured process for bringing new employees into your company has numerous benefits. Here are important recommendations for onboarding best practices. … Read More

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An exit road sign next to a green lawn.

Offboarding best practice

Departing employees are an inevitable part. If not managed correctly, a negative impact on security and productivity will be the consequence. … Read More

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A mans hands typing on a laptop and holding a smartphone with a cup of coffee next to the laptop.

Calculate your personal onboarding costs savings with ease

There’s no reason to keep paying the steep costs that come with employee turnover. Choose an elegant way to setting up structured onboarding processes. … Read More

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Three office workers in front of a laptop.

2 simple ways to save money by structuring your onboarding processes

The employee turnover cycle can have serious financial implications for your business. This is partly because recruiting replacement employees is expensive. … Read More

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