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Checklist: Emergency Supply Kit

Be prepared for any kind of disaster. Get the interactive checklist for your emergency supply kit and make sure nothing is missing for you and your family. … Read More

7 Key statistics about employee turnover (infographic)

The carousel of coming and going employees is spinning faster than ever. But how to benchmark your own statistics? Here are some key statistics to evaluate your employee turnover rate.  7 employee turnover facts 51% of employees considering a new job (source: Gallup) 72% of candidates change jobs because of career advanced opportunities (source: MRINetwork) 25% of all new employees will leave in the first year (source: Allied Workforce Mobility Survey) 50%-60% of an annual employee salary is the direct cost

Sophy asset management screenshot

How to upload all of your companies assets to your team with one click

Upload all your assets with ease Because in SOPHY you have the opportunity to upload all your assets with one click to your team. And that is how it works: 1. Click on “assets” in the menu 2. Click the bulk upload icon in the top right corner. 3. On the next page you can download an example CSV file. Use its pattern to upload your assets. 4. Open the downloaded file. Split the data from the csv file into columns and copy-paste

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