Manage & track your assets in one place

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Secure - Made in Germany - GDPR Compliant

Improve and control your assets and asset management processes.

View and secure your inventory anywhere, anytime.


Transparent asset management

SOPHY offers the following great features:

It's free - forever!

Unlimited assets. Unlimited Users. No Risk!

Don’t pay more than you need to for effective, simple fixed asset management

What our clients say

Sabrina Grasshoff


CEO Simply fine

Finally, we have all our assets in one place. It’s so easy to manage – and we’re saving money!”

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Sabrina Grasshoff


CEO Simply fine

Finally, we have all our assets in one place. It’s so easy to manage – and we’re saving money!”

Smart process and workflow integration

SOPHY’s asset tracking software isn’t just an effective way to monitor your inventory in real time. It also integrates effortlessly with your processes and workflows – ideal for managing assets during the employee turnover cycle.
Real time monitoring

Monitor asset movements between team members in real time.

Process integration

Build repeatable asset management processes and workflows.

Track everything

Access the maintenance and transfer history of any asset at any time.

Never lose track of an asset again

Relevant team members are notified automatically when changes are made to assigned assets.

SOPHY will also automatically track and notify relevant team members of asset-related interactions in real time.

SOPHY Onboarding and Offboarding Software
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It's free - without risk

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Why choose SOPHY?

Affordable - it's free!

Asset management software can be bloated and expensive. SOPHY's asset management software is clean, lean and offers unbeatable value for money.

No download

No delays, no downloads, no frustrating updates. SOPHY is cloud-based, always up to date and can be accessed from any device.

Easy to use

No training or manuals are required. SOPHY is so simple and uncluttered you can start using it to improve your workflow immediately.

Secure - Made in Germany - GDPR Compliant
$ 29/month
  • (annually payment)
  • save 20 tasklists as templates
  • personal chat support
it's free - forever!
$ 0
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited tasklists
  • unlimited assets
  • save 8 tasklists as templates
  • 40+ ready to use process templates
  • setup assistant
  • Please ask for our individual support and pricing offers for your company

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We've helped companies of all sizes to improve productivity and security while reducing costs.

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Sabrina Grasshoff, CEO Simply Fine

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