Getting work done on time. Unlimited tasks. Unlimited users.

Automated workflows with unlimited users

Secure - Made in Germany - GDPR Compliant


Perfect transparency.  Effortless coordination.

SOPHY knows that work gets done in the present. That means real-time management of tasks. Changes to any of your workflows display instantly for all users.

And our smart notification system instantly sends email updates to relevant users to keep them on the pulse of your processes.

All changes are logged in activity feeds on the site, ensuring accountability and transparency at all times.

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2. Don't create friction

No training required – SOPHY even works via email.

Once you invite a user onto SOPHY they are part of the system.

This means you don’t need to train them to use our workflow management software, or try get them to abandon the systems they’re used to.

SOPHY’s email notification system not only notifies your users when there’s something they need to do, but also allows them to complete tasks from email – without logging in!

3. Create as many tasks as you neeD

Unlimited come standard. 

Sign up for free, generate task checklists using our minimalist interface and assign tasks to your team members effortlessly.

Any checklist you create can be saved, re-used and further customized.

You’ll also have access to a growing process template library that you can customize to fit your own processes and re-use in future!

Timon von Bargen

With SOPHY your tasks get completed on time! 

Timon von Bargen, Founder Happz


Hassle-free, even for external team-members!

Svenja Hubenthal, CEO KWP Management

SOPHY is not your ordinary process management software

We know that introducing a new productivity application  to your team is never easy.

First you have to pass through a learning curve as you come to grips with the software. Once that’s done you’re faced with the task of bringing your team onboard. 

This can waste the time and money you wanted your productivity software to save in the first place. 

SOPHY is designed to offer process and workflow management with a difference.

Not only is our application clean, uncluttered and easy to use, but we enable email-based task and user management.

That means smart notifications let your team know what they need to do and when they need to do it. And when it’s done, they can mark the task as done on email without even logging in.

No friction, no stress, no fuss. And you can access all of SOPHY’s core features absolutely free!

 Unlimited Users. Unlimited Checklists, No risk! No credt card needed

Process managers get

  • Activity logs record all changes
  • Live email updates on changes to tasks, assets and workflows
  • On-app chat feature improves communication
  • Email distribution of tasks and tasklists
  • Collaborate with external individuals or teams with no risk

- FRICTIONLESS Workflows -

Your whole team, on one page​

Collaboration is the key to effective workflow management software.

Not only does SOPHY’s notification system ensure that team members are always kept up to date on changes in their processes, tasks or assets.

It also accepts that growth is your goal, which means you’ll never pay to add users to your team. 

Unlimited users come standard with every SOPHY package.

 Unlimited users. Unlimited tasklists. No risk! No credit card needed.

Why choose SOPHY?

Less friction

SOPHY allows team members to complete tasks on email notifications without having to access the app. Only task managers interact directly with SOPHY, making it easier to deploy.

Process templates

Save your workflows as templates or use processes from our free workflow template library. All templates can be further customized and saved to meet your unique business requirements.

Asset management

Wasting time and money on missing assets? SOPHY’s unique integrated asset management tool allows you to attach, manage and track assets from any task or workflow.

Productivity at first sight

SOPHY is designed for ease of implementation.

No steep learning curve or training required. You’ll be setting up repeatable, structured processes for your business and team within minutes.

The TASK DONE hunter

Stop wasting time and money through lack of transparency and collaboration. Let SOPHY work with you to ensure every task assigned to a team member gets done on time.

$ 29/month
  • (annually payment)
  • save 20 tasklists as templates
  • personal chat support
it's free - forever!
$ 0
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited tasklists
  • unlimited assets
  • save 8 tasklists as templates
  • 40+ ready to use process templates
  • setup assistant
  • Please ask for our individual support and pricing offers for your company
Secure - Made in Germany - GDPR Compliant
It's Free

SOPHY is FREE. You can enjoy the full spectrum of SOPHY’s features, including unlimited users, tasklists and assets at no cost.

No download

SOPHY is accessible from any online device, any time. You’ll never have to download anything, and will always benefit from using the most secure, up-to-date version of our software.

Live support

We offer live chat support for Pro Members if you have any questions while using SOPHY. We’ll assign you a personal setup assistant if you need any help getting started.

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