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stress free workflow management

You can improve productivity and reduce costs with SOPHY's easy-to-use process management software.

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Ideal for employee onboarding and offboarding

Reduce employee turnover, save money and improve productivity with our intuitive onboarding/offboarding solutions.

Time-Savings during Training period
with structure & automation 48.2%
Cost savings during employee turnover
With the help of smart checklists 62%
Reduction of Inventory loss (i.g. missing overview or fraud)
with SOPHYs transparent asset-management 92.8%

Source: Customer Survey 09/2019

Improved productivity

Happier employees

Improved security, reduced costs

Managing processes has never been easier

We combine three critical features in one easy-to-use workflow management system.

Process checklists and templates

Integrated asset management

A collaborative team environment

Let us help you improve productivity and reduce costs

Onboarding cost savings calculator
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Total cost savings around and hours of training.


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Get great results with SOPHY

We've helped companies of all sizes to improve productivity and security while reducing costs.

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"Absolutely easy! SOPHY enables on-and off-boarding processes to be implemented securely and sustainably - for companies of all sizes."
SabrinaCEO Simply fine
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"Managing teams got so much easier now. A no brainer."
ArnoCEO sanquell
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"The core benefit: A complete overview of assets and tasks. That saves a lot of time-consuming requests."
TimonCo-Founder HAPPZ
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"The brilliant library of templates makes it easy to structure employee turnover without any effort."
SvenDigital Marketing Manager, GnuWorld
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"SOPHY.com is the perfect blend of simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness. Perfect for onboarding in IT agencies."
DustinCEO, GermanFit
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"SOPHY solves recurring processes with an absolute surprising clarity. I can fully recommend it!"
MariaHR manager, Whow Games
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"With SOPHY we managed to find the structure for onboarding processes that still allows us to be flexible and agile."
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Track and manage your business assets from one platform

SOPHY’s asset management system is designed to enhance security, improve efficiency and save you time and money.

All your assets in one place

Set up a complete, future-proof catalog of all your assets, which you can access anywhere - at any time.

Stay in the loop

Every change to your asset catalog will be recorded while generating automatic change notifications for relevant team members.

Process integration

SOPHY's asset management system integrates seamlessly with your process management templates and checklists.

Engineered for simplicity

Elegant and quick to implement, SOPHY is the alternative to expensive, complicated process management software.

Cloud-based & easy to use

No time-consuming downloads. Uncluttered, user-friendly interface.

Templates for instant implementation

Make use pre-configured templates or develop, save and re-use your own templates.

Improve coordination & get better results

Centralize management of your processes and assets while effortlessly keeping your team up to date on activities and asset movements.

Discover simple, effective process management

You can start using SOPHY immediately

User-friendly interface, no installation or training required.

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Track & manage unlimited assets

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